Chicago’s First Ever Plant-Based Vegan Food Tour!

Join Chicago natives Natassia and Noelle on an exploration of Chicago’s vibrant vegan scene. Centered in Chicago’s River North/Gold Coast neighborhoods, you’ll be introduced to some of your hosts’ personal favorites, hand picked to demonstrate the quality and variety of plant-based offerings in Chicago.

You’ll eat your way through 6 tasty stops, each location showcasing an appetizer, entree, or dessert carefully selected from their menu. Portions will be “tapas style” so that you can taste all that the tour has to offer. This tour is great for getting together with friends, showing off the city to out-of-town guests, or celebrating a special occasion.

Come join us as we explore one of the most beautiful cities around!

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Your Guides

Natassia and Noelle share a passion for food, positive vibes and all things healthy!

image (2)Natassia turned to a plant-based diet back in 2010 in response to health concerns and hasn’t looked back. She has a certification in Plant-based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (a program created by her favorite doctor 🙂 ).  While searching for tasty and healthy options as a newly minted vegan, she founded It has since become a passport of places, dishes, tips and recipes of things she loves.  Turns out, others like it too and she has quickly gained a following.  Click here to check out Natassia’s Instagram, a fun resource of awesome veggieness.

image (3)Noelle has a love for cooking, food, entertaining and style.  She became vegan November 1st, 2015 (World Vegan Day – talk about divinely guided!), and quickly noticed the difference in her weight, skin and life (she stopped needing deodorant and all the little bumps on the back of her arms disappeared – healing from the inside out, right?! 🙂 ).  Six months later, she decided to take her health a step further and do a total body cleanse.  This made her severe 17+ year gluten allergy “disappear” and her mom had her cataract and arthritis “disappear”.  To learn how she is helping others, click here.


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