Plant-strong & healthy living: Rip Esselstyn at TEDxFremont

Rip Esselstyn, former firefighter and author of The Engine 2 Diet, gave this really great, entertaining presentation on the plant-based lifestyle and how he led his fellow firefighting crew on a 28-day plant-based journey. A really enjoyable, descriptive look into this amazing lifestyle. The time is here! Slay the dragons! 🙂

Plant-Based on a Budget


Since becoming vegan, I have found that there are a lot of people who believe the plant-based/vegan diet to be expensive and difficult to maintain. “How do you budget such an exorbitant lifestyle?,” they ask. It’s not as difficult as it seems and definitely can be affordable. I found and love this really fantastic website that has all you need to eat Plant Based on a Budget. There are great recipes, videos, and more. The Berry Chocolate Cheesecake Squares are amazing.  Check out their website!

Introducing: U.S. Senator Cory Booker

electionnightCory Booker, the very popular Newark, N.J. mayor, known for his commitment to public service, has just become U.S. Senator Cory Booker. Why is this such great news to the vegan/vegetarian community, you ask? He is also a vegetarian. A vegetarian who has energetically publicized his dietary choices which will, in turn, be a great model for the country. Congratulations to Senator Booker! Cheers to that!

Striking Promotion for PETA’s World Vegan Month

Striking Promotion of PETA's World Vegan Month

Vegan model lies across giant plate to promote animal-free diet

A very bold and provocative way to kick off PETA’s World Vegan Month. Every November, PETA celebrates veganism around the world. This year, the model above decided to take the promotion of the vegan diet one step further, displaying herself as an “animal” product with a banner that read “Try to Relate to Who’s on Your Plate – Go Vegan”. Check out PETA’s 30-day pledge in celebration of this special month.

Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Pyramid

Boston-based Oldways, a nonprofit food and nutrition education organization, has just updated their vegetarian diet pyramid to include the vegan diet as well. They were the first to introduce a vegetarian diet pyramid in 1997. It’s about time that someone got the food pyramid right! In my opinion, this is the food pyramid that should be displayed in school classrooms across the country. 😉

Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Pyramid

Actor, Matt Damon, Promotes a Vegan Diet

Actor, Matt Damon, Promotes the Vegan Diet

As one of the voices of, co-founder, Matt Damon encourages a vegan diet. is a wonderful organization that raises awareness on the increasing issues with regard to clean water around the world. The facts are daunting — Every 21 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness; People spend 200 million hours a day around the world collecting water. Yet, people are wasting water each day by just eating animal products. Believe it or not, it takes a whopping 2400 gallons of water to create just one pound of meat, but only 25 gallons to grow a pound of wheat.

Although Matt, himself, is not a practicing vegan, he made mention of the fact that he promotes the diet/lifestyle. “My thoughts on veganism are that it’s a wonderful thing to do. I just can’t do it. I tried” ( A part of me appreciates his honesty. The truth is: it is a difficult lifestyle to maintain, especially living in the US. But, it is all of the amazing benefits of this lifestyle that make it well worth it. Check out some more information regarding the clean water crisis from the website below.


Chipotle’s New Vegan Option – “Sofritas”

Chipotle to Test ‘Sofritas’ Tofu Option in Chicago Restaurants

Beginning October 21st, Chipotle will test out its new vegan option, Sofritas, tofu (sourced from California-based Hodo Soy) braised with chipotle chilies, roasted poblanos and spices. Dependent on its success, it will become a permanent option on their menu. Cannot wait to try!

Product Review: The Pro Bar

Product ReviewThe Pro Bar

probarIt is extremely necessary that I do this review. The Pro Bar is a meal bar that I found while grocery shopping at Whole Foods. I was looking for something new, something nutritious and organic. This bar is THE best. So far, I’ve tried the peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter and oatmeal raisin flavors. All of them are equally amazing. The whole grains, nuts, seeds, the chucks of fruits, the flavor and the best part, it tastes homemade. And each bar has lots of fiber as well. Cannot beat that! I just recently had a baby and this is the perfect “go-to” bar, as it can be pretty difficult to make something wholesome with very little “me” time. I would definitely suggest checking these out at your nearest health food store. My new favorite! Cheers!